What a crazy last year and a half we have been through!
After spending an unhealthy amount of time at home, I am now breaking out to now take my trip to South Africa and Botswana which had originally been in place for 2020.
Covid tests, canceled flights, re-routing, and safari partners going out of business, this trip is going to be a handful!
I am grateful that I managed to work with Vern and his kids to reschedule their 2020 trip to Botswana and I look forward to showing them Moremi, Khwai and Chobe in July.
I will be setting up trips for 2023 and I could possibly do something for 2022, however my plans currently are to focus on photography in North America in 2022, but Africa does draw upon me something intense.


I love exploring and helping you do the trip that YOU want. I understand that being flexible and offering a wide selection of choices is key to helping you have the experience of a lifetime.

I work with a wide range of tour operators throughout Southern Africa, with an emphasis upon Botswana.

Please feel free to reach out and ask us what we can do for your specific desires.



  • Where: Botswana ~ Starting in Maun and exploring Moremi and Khwai before moving on to Chobe and eventually ending in Kasane with a day trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
  • When: June 18 - July 9 2021 

2022? 2023? 2024? Keep an eye open for postings, or drop me an email - [email protected]